Picture of me

Hi, my name is Levent

I am an e-business student based in Copen­hagen with a pas­sion for tech­nology, business and creativ­ity.

I am currently taking my Master's degree at Copenhagen Business School where I am studying Business Administration and E-business. The main areas of my work are in software development, e-commerce and photo­graphy. I am currently very interested in im­proving my skills and knowledge in software development and learning more about data analysis and machine learning as a part of my academic study.
I love learning and gaining new skills. Apart from my programming skills I have skills and experience in graphical work and photography as I have been a photoshop user since 2012. I am an avid believer in that learning new things and skills and combining them together ultimately leads to great professional work.
I hope to showcase some of my work and projects through this portfolio.

Screenshot of Hotel Chocolat's website

My work at Retail Brands - Hotel Chocolat & Swarovski in the Nordic

Working at Retail Brands taught me how to work with important inter­national brands. Retail Brands was a Danish retail company that covered Hotel Chocolat and Swarovski in the Nordic market. I was a student worker who was responsible for administrating and man­aging their e-Commerce store and creat­ing content through graphical programs for their marketing. The website was based on Dynamic­web, a no-code plat­form that comb­ined CMS, PIM, e-Commerce, and market­ing.
I honed my skills in graphical work while work­ing in the marketing depart­ment, where I had to create pictures for the website as well as social media posts. Underneath are some examples of my work.

My own website

Working at Retail Brands showed me that there were limits to how one can work with site builders based on no-coding. I researched different site builders to figure out the limitations and strengths of them in order to find where I can realise the ideas that I have. I started researching more about coding websites and became interested in the possibilities that open up and how much there is to learn. Learning HTML and CSS would give me the tools to design webpages just how I imagine them to be. I ha­ve since then taught myself how to code with HTML and CSS. I can proud­ly say that this website is built from scratch by myself.

If you are interested or have any questions then you can contact me for any inquries.